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Step 1

Step 1

Complete our online-referral form and recommend a friend or a colleague, who is not already registered with us

Step 2

Step 2

We strive to place your colleague or friend in a temporary or permanent position with one of our client companies.

Step 3

Step 3

The placement was successful? As a thank you for your recommendation, we offer you a bonus of £250.00


Contact Details for Recommended Candidate

Please confirm that you have your friend's permission to pass on their details
If possible, attach the CV of the recommended candidates in a Word Format format )

Some useful information about the recommended candidates

Types of recommendations

Candidate recommendation
If you know someone who is looking for work and fits to one of our current job vacancies or generally to our sectors we offer, please refer them to us, we would be happy to receive their contact details and CV (if available).

Company Recommendation
You are employed at a company and you can recommend us to the HR Manager, who is currently looking for staff? If the HR Manager is not already our client, we would be happy to contact him or her and offer our recruitment services. Should placements result from the referral, you will receive the bonus for each person who will be employed at your company through us, as long as they have completed at least 60 days of work at their new job.

Who can refer?
We are always looking for hidden talents we could introduce to our clients and are happy for every recommendation we receive. We take referrals from our currently registered applicants. Please note that you are responsible for paying taxes on the money you have received.

How does the referral work?
The recommendation process is quick and easy. Simply fill in our online-referral form and let us know the contact details of the referred person, along with a CV in word format, if you have one available. We will then immediately contact the person. Our goal is to secure the referred person into a temporary or permanent position with one of our client companies. If it comes to a successful placement and the recommended person has worked at least 60 days in his or her new position, we will reward you with a bonus of € 500.

Consent of the referred applicant
Please ensure that you have sought permission of the recommended candidate before forwarding their details to us. We will contact the referred person and advise them that we have acted upon your recommendation.

Is there a limit to referrals I can make?
No, we are happy to receive as many referrals as possible. For each recommendation you will need to complete our online referral form. For each successful placement, which is carried out within the framework of our participation and payment conditions , you will receive a premium of € 500 per placed person, who has worked a minimum of 60 days at their new employment .

Payment Conditions
1) The premium is only payable if the person recommended is not already registered and active in our Professional Placements database.

Should an applicant be already registered in our database, for example through a previous registration via our website, through an application to one of our jobs or because this person has already been placed by us or is still in a working relationship with us, we will not accept the recommendation and consequently pay no premium.
Where the candidate is introduced by more than one person we will operate on a first come first served basis. All candidates can only be recommended once to Professional Placements. We will send you a confirmation, as soon as we have received your online referral form, so you can be sure of the candidate's status.

2) The Referee is obliged to have obtained the recommended person's consent regarding the transfer of contact data to Professional placements. A failure of this agreement leads to a failure to receive the premium.

3) The person must be employed for at least 60 days with the new employer. The payment is due with the expiration of these 60 days.

4) Professional Placements shall not be liable for any fees due to the tax offices. These should be borne by the Referee. In the event of any disputed fees, following all reasonable reference checks, Professional Placements decision will be final.

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