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Our Story

Professional Placement is one of UKs leading niche recruitment agency and our teams recruit for permanent, temporary and contract roles in the following sectors: .

Professional Placement started in 2002 on the beautiful island of Cyprus by two people who were passionate about making a difference. They chose the healthcare with a vision to contribute to this sector in a meaningful way. They started in Cyprus where they were strategically well placed to recruit doctors, nurses and allied health professionals into the governmental, as well as private hospitals in the Middle East. They have successfully placed more than 100 candidates per year in temporary and permanent positions. It's been an amazing journey.

Moving to the UK

jobs, Social work jobs, healthcare jobs, criminal justice jobs

Professional Placement has now added the social care, criminal justice sector and animal health to their recruitment services in order to help combat the sheer number of unfilled vacancies in the UK.

The workforce crisis in the social care sector has been described as the worst problem currently facing the NHS, and the Care Quality Commission’s State of Care report for 2018/19 said it is having a direct impact on care.

Public safety is also at risk with staff shortages leaving the probation services in crisis.

With our experience and knowledge gained in the healthcare recruitment industry we have the right tools to help meet the demand of these specialised sectors.

This in-depth experience gave us a huge advantage over our competitors and to this day has gained us the trust and respect of clients and candidates alike.

Professional Placement has forged strong long-term relationships with their key clients and offered their recruitment services to a diverse range of clients in governmental, not for profit and private sectors.

Whether you are an organisation wanting to work with a valued agency or a jobseeker searching for new opportunities, there is never a better time to work with us.

To find out about Professional Placement and our specialist divisions, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 8144 2944 and speak to our Social Care, Criminal Justice, Healthcare and Animal Health team today.

jobs, Social work jobs, healthcare jobs, criminal justice jobs

Employing the right resource is an important economic decision for every successful organisation. Sourcing and evaluating prospective candidates can be a sensitive, time consuming and costly affair.

We regard ourselves as a partner with a common goal to select the right candidate who fits our client’s hard job criteria and slots into the culture of their organisation. We aim to facilitate this process, making the recruitment of staff more cost effective and efficient for them.

All our consultants have specialist knowledge within their sector and are skilled in identifying the right candidate for our clients. Our team consists of recruitment advisers with a high level of expertise and motivation, which equally focuses on the individual needs of each company, as well as on the specific needs of the applicant in order to create an ideal synergy.

Forward looking and future focused, we continually strive to play a major role in the sharing and the cultivation of new developments and ideas in our core sectors.

As well as our industry expertise, we have the right recruitment tools in place to attract talent.

Our online job board is able to attract a large number of specialist national and international candidates.

We are always actively involved in expanding our candidate portfolio by regularly conducting recruitment campaigns and promotional functions, publicising our vacancies in specialist portals and attending industry related fairs.

jobs, Social work jobs, healthcare jobs, criminal justice jobs

Company Ethics

We value long-term relationships and approach our clients and candidates with honesty and integrity
We support non-discrimination and gender equality in the workplace and judge candidates solely on their merits and suitability
We remain in close contact with our clients and candidates and respond to their needs in a timely fashion
We are continuously improving our business processes and are constantly investing in training opportunities for our employees so that they can continue to provide professional expertise
For us, people are not “goods”, we value a respectful treatment of our clients and candidates, and see ourselves as advisors and partners.
We keep a core ethic and belief in the principle of self-actualization, supporting the inherent desire of candidates to continually improve and better themselves, professionally and personally
All our company services are completely free for all our applicants
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